New Chapter in life

Well many of you know that this time last year I moved back home to the Lawrence County area from Indianapolis. In doing so I wasn’t for sure that I would ever find anyone again. In total honesty I had hoped I might rekindle an old flame. That didn’t happen. So I changed my prayer. Instead of praying that a specific person would work out I began to pray that God would send me the right girl into my life. I have long wished for someone who shared my religious beliefs and could grow with me in God. Speaking with my new love Reba I have realized that God has sent the one. We have the same religious views. We get along great. She has a little boy who is just under two years old and I have to say I love him like my own.

An ex of mine attempted to try and get me to give up on Reba by deleting me on Facebook then blocking me. She told her family that I deleted her. I didn’t do either. That being said I’m happy to move on building my life with Reba and seeing what God has in store for us.

New car

So as many of you know that I was driving a mini van there for  a bit….The van decided it no longer wished to stay on the road. So it blew a spark plug clear out of the head of the engine. I was kinda shocked by this happening but in the end it lead me to getting newer and better car. I’m much happier driving around in my ’07 Toyota Camry. It’s pretty clean still on the inside outside is a little dusty though from visiting Rachel Livingston (Shelton) and my mother but I still like the way it drives. I took a cruise in it the other night and was listening to a Perry Stone Ministries book of Cd’s where they were discussing receiving the blessings of God. I believe this is only want of the many blessings God is sending my way and I’m ready to receive even more and move out of the poor and into the riches of God. In Jesus name I receive. 🙂 I’ll keep this short for now. Take care all. -Phil

Christmas Time…Christmas Shopping…

So as many of you probably know when it comes to Christmas time, I’m not a huge fan. This is in large part to do with the amount of greed I’ve encountered over time.  Simply put I’m buying Christmas for very few people this year. My Mom, my nephew, maybe a small gift for each sibling, depending upon attitudes, and then student at BMS who will have a little brighter of a Christmas this year. Even though I won’t know who it is that receives these gifts the fact that at the end of the day I know I made a difference in the life of a child that’s important. I was once the child who’s single mother worked three jobs just to make ends meet. Christmas time, she would try to scrape up enough money to show she loved us, but would often times cry because what she could afford she felt wasn’t good enough. This year I wish to send this child and their parents gifts that will be heartfelt and something that the parents will see and think what I kind gesture.  I’m super excited to participate in this volunteer opportunity and I’m looking forward to gift wrapping the items as well.



Dr’s Appointment

Dr’s Appointment….

So the other day I had an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner at the doctor’s office. I needed to get a physical completed in order to be able to attend the hoosier burn camp. For once in my life I actually had to talk the doctor into signing the form stating I’m healthy enough to participate in camp activities.  He was concerned about my wanting to change medication and also with the weight gain i’ve had over the past 10 months.


I’ve under the belief now that if it’s not my medication causing this then this would in fact be caused due in part to the fact that I’ve been a little more stressed. I’m going to need to look into to methods of relieving stress and getting to a more Zen state.  Well, I’m going to keep this short today. Keep your head up.


Quote of the Week:  Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.  -Jim Rohn


Long Work Week(s)

It’s been a long last couple of weeks. I’ve completed day 14 out 16 working days. After having worked this long stretch I’m very much looking forward to having the weekend off. On the downside to get there I have to work 3p-11p Thursday and 7a-3p Friday. I’m ready  to have sometime to myself to enjoy me.

Anyone want to get together and go see a movie or something I’m down I need a moment away from work. I love my job but working all the time gets old lol.

New Site Launch

We are now a .Com site. Welcome to This is my my personal website and will be used as my personal blog.

You will notice this site is similar to the burn survivor website. This page is different as it is actually built using wordpress and not plugins. The hope is to fix the issues with being hacked as well speeding up response time. If you have any question ask.

Custom Domain…Blessing or Curse

Well if you spend  anytime on the website you will recognize it’s a custom domain. It’s not a blogger blog or wordpress branded wordpress blog. This blog is on a website feature an actual url. Well last week one of my domains got hacked and was subsequently used to link to a spam site. This caused my domain to become blocked until I was able to resolve the issue. I had to actually contact the blacklist company explained to them what happened and that I had taken control of my account again. I only discovered something was really off with my website when my employer attempted to email me my weekly schedule and it began to fail. So now I have my website back and I’m hoping to not have to experience this again.


I used to think that I was great with organizing contacts, this was before the age of the smartphone however. I was that dorky kid that use to manually right down contact information into a little binder, alphabetically. Then I got my Blackberry. I went through that little binder and entered in each contact one by one. I was the master. Needs someone’s phone number….sure here it is. After ditching Blackberry I moved to Android. Started the process over again but this time they backed up to my gmail account, a life saver as I only lost a few contacts with each android switch. I would just enter those missing contacts again and move on. Then I switched to iPhone….I know you’re thinking really back to square one? Nope, I connected my gmail account imported contacts and was back in action, started being an iphone user back in like 2014-ish. Fast Forward 2017– I have now switched my primary Email account to my custom domain. I just set it up to work with outlook and was importing my contacts. I have about half the information on people that I thought I had lol. So I’m slowly going through, merging duplicates. Deleting obviously outdated information and information that is no longer relevant and trying to get back to a fresh start.


To get the the moral of my story. If I’ve ever had your contact information and you don’t mind to take the time and share it with me again. I would love to have the chance to update my address book with the best possible information. Thanks in advance everyone.



P.S.  If you don’t mind click the link and allow me to update my outdated information. Thanks.     Contact Info Update

#Money #worklife

So yesterday I was at home hanging out with a friend. I had worked until 3pm and was just chilling at home. Because I’d gotten a crap ton of email and other notifications that would sound off noise, I went ahead and put the phone on silence. I heard my phone going off and assumed it was probably my mom calling so I went ahead and grabbed my phone. I noticed the number that was calling was work. CallNet Fax to be exact. Even though I was busy I went ahead and answered to “Hey Phil this is Gina in the office we have thirty seven callls in queue and wanted to kow if you’d want to come in and make some money. I instanly said yes and headed into work. I worked for about 4 hours on storm team pay and while I was there Linda our Vice President purchased pizza for us all. I enjoyed the pizza and the pay lol. I was appreciate of the fact that I was called in for storm team, and knew they where super busy because I have one of the longest drives of any of them and they called me in from home.  But it was fun, even though I went in to help with calls because I’m a supervisor I got to also help park calls and also got to help with dispatch to keep calls from running over. All in and all I would say that it was as succesful four hour shift. Oh and the double time pay WAS GREAT!