New Chapter in life

Well many of you know that this time last year I moved back home to the Lawrence County area from Indianapolis. In doing so I wasn’t for sure that I would ever find anyone again. In total honesty I had hoped I might rekindle an old flame. That didn’t happen. So I changed my prayer. Instead of praying that a specific person would work out I began to pray that God would send me the right girl into my life. I have long wished for someone who shared my religious beliefs and could grow with me in God. Speaking with my new love Reba I have realized that God has sent the one. We have the same religious views. We get along great. She has a little boy who is just under two years old and I have to say I love him like my own.

An ex of mine attempted to try and get me to give up on Reba by deleting me on Facebook then blocking me. She told her family that I deleted her. I didn’t do either. That being said I’m happy to move on building my life with Reba and seeing what God has in store for us.

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