New car

So as many of you know that I was driving a mini van there for  a bit….The van decided it no longer wished to stay on the road. So it blew a spark plug clear out of the head of the engine. I was kinda shocked by this happening but in the end it lead me to getting newer and better car. I’m much happier driving around in my ’07 Toyota Camry. It’s pretty clean still on the inside outside is a little dusty though from visiting Rachel Livingston (Shelton) and my mother but I still like the way it drives. I took a cruise in it the other night and was listening to a Perry Stone Ministries book of Cd’s where they were discussing receiving the blessings of God. I believe this is only want of the many blessings God is sending my way and I’m ready to receive even more and move out of the poor and into the riches of God. In Jesus name I receive. 🙂 I’ll keep this short for now. Take care all. -Phil

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