Christmas Time…Christmas Shopping…

So as many of you probably know when it comes to Christmas time, I’m not a huge fan. This is in large part to do with the amount of greed I’ve encountered over time.  Simply put I’m buying Christmas for very few people this year. My Mom, my nephew, maybe a small gift for each sibling, depending upon attitudes, and then student at BMS who will have a little brighter of a Christmas this year. Even though I won’t know who it is that receives these gifts the fact that at the end of the day I know I made a difference in the life of a child that’s important. I was once the child who’s single mother worked three jobs just to make ends meet. Christmas time, she would try to scrape up enough money to show she loved us, but would often times cry because what she could afford she felt wasn’t good enough. This year I wish to send this child and their parents gifts that will be heartfelt and something that the parents will see and think what I kind gesture.  I’m super excited to participate in this volunteer opportunity and I’m looking forward to gift wrapping the items as well.



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