To my lover

There are days we have rough days and the rough days are the days I need you by my side the most. To have someone as unique and as amazing as you are has been an astronomical blessing in my life. You’ve stayed over a few times with me and from the very first time it’s always been like you just belong. We laugh, we cuddle, and we play wrestle and to me it’s one of the most magical things. You’ve been my best friend for 20 years an why that may seem like a long time it’s only a drop in the bucket for our liftetime together. The day you officially told me you considered us boyfriend and girlfriend is the day that’s my life changed for the better. I have someone who loves me and who understands me and who always has my back and I will be forever thankful.

To those reading that aren’t her, she’s my life, my world, and my better half. She’s the reason I wake up with a smile on my face each day. When I look at my phone I see her smile first thing in the morning and I begin a new day more positive. I wil love this girl with all my heart until my dying breathe. World keep your head up, life does get better, thanks to hers my life is only going up!

She’s the one!

The girl I’ve been talking to I do truly believe is the one. We’ve known each other since we were in grade school. We dated briefly during my middle school years and about 6 months when I worked for her aunt at Shoe Show. 

We’ve talked off an on through out the years. She’s been there for me during break ups and I’ve been there during her break up’s and hard times. We’ve met up a few times and today was one of those days. We met up at by the dam at Lake Monroe today. Oh the connection and the sparks I felt when our lips touched.  She and I both agreed it was amazing. I do truly love this girl with all  my heart. I’m hoping one day she will be my Mrs. Adcock. 

Until Then I will love her with every fiber of my being. Take care all. 

And remember show love to your neighbor. If you’re looking for a great cause to support hit up to donate. If you can’t donate money ask them about donating time. 

Google Auto 2-Step Verification??

     Today I was updating my Chrome Beta Browser and when I went to sign back into my primary log in for chrome it stated that my computer wasn’t recognized. That’s not the weird thing. It told me to continue to sign in I needed to have my phone handy. I did since I was listening to Windows Weekly podcast as I was signing in and it requested I open Gmail. Following Google’s instructions I opened Gmail on my iPhone and a prompt came up asking me I wanted to sign in. I selected yes and three bubbles appeared. The instructions in my chrome browser told me to choose a specific number which and did. The prompt disappeared on my iPhone and went back to Gmail and magically the sign in happened magically on my computer.
     Has anyone else encountered this? I thought it was odd. I haven’t enrolled in two step verification because I often times travel to an area of poor or little cell reception and sub-par internet. Since I frequent the area so much I don’t want the hassle of being forcibly kicked off if I don’t have a strong connection to re-verify my identity. If you’ve experienced this before let me know in the comments. 

Too much time on my hands

TWIT’s Windows Weekly: Paul Thurrott, Mayjo Foley and Leo LaPorte

As yo can see from the picture in this post. I’ve got a bit too much time on my hands. Leo LaPorte one of the tech figures I’ve been following for the past few years along with the two host’s from Windows Weekly, Paul Thurrott and MaryJo Foley. I added TWITs logo to them as I have a twit phone case and can often times be found sporting a TWIT hoodie.  I wanted to make them a background for my iPad and my laptop. Since most people wouldn’t know the faces but would know the logo around me I opted to add the logo to the background.

Seeing Her!

So yesterday I finally got to go see the girl I’ve been in love with for years. We only got too see each other for about half an hour but It was great to finally see her face to face. We embraced in a hug before leaving and I didn’t want to let her go. I just wanted to hold onto her tight. I’m hoping since Tuesday is my 26th Birthday that I may get to see her again. 

Putting things together

Well it seems that slowly things are coming together. I’ve moved into a new place that I’m in love with. I’ve still been able to get mom to come visit my place which is a bonus. The new place has a sliding glass door in the rear and a balcony. This is my first place that’s mine that has this. I know it seems small buts its welcome feature. All just the fact that this apartment is more of a home size in terms of rooms is great. Like this is actually an apartment home.

There is also going to be some changes coming soon at work but at this time I’m not at liberty to discuss. State tuned for future updates.


This week I moved to Bloomington, In. After having worked here for 1.5 years and always drive 30-60 mins to work one way each day. It’s a nice change to only be 10 minutes down the road from the office. I started moving things in Monday night after work and with my mothers assistance. Tuesday night I also spent moving things in but did so by myself. Tonight I had most of my items moved in….not the furniture yet. So I put things away. The big things I’m left to put away are the clothes that will need to be hung in my bedroom closets. The furniture is coming tomorrow and should bring the place together quite nicely. I need to find an end table for my lamp however as my last end table got broken prior to the move. Well I’ll keep this short for now. Godspeed to you all. -Phil


Well the only thing I can really say is a benefit to edge over Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is edge is built in. Edge works like any other web browser however I don’t like that it keeps trying to revert all my searches to bing. I have set all the defaults to google. However if i type in the search bar it brings up bing search. Sorry Microsoft but that’s not what I want. If anyone knows a work around for this let me know.

Staff Training Recap

So this year I attended the “Spring” staff training event for Hoosier Burn Camp. This was a slight bit different that I had remembered in years past. In past years I remember there more more activities and it being a bit more “camp” like. However this year it was different. It was a lot of talking and discussion. I actually like this approach as the speaker was very knowledgeable on the topic and also gave a lot of insight into how camps tend to operate. He not only told us how we could handle a difficult situation but would also further elaborate as to what he did in a similar situation. He spoke of a girl who caused drama at camp one year because she said she was a  cat.  He explained that she wasn’t a cat because she was in identity crisis, but rather that she was doing that because to her that made her feel safe and that at camp that is what she was looking for.  He talked of speaking with her and finding out what he could do to reach that child and make camp a great experience for her as well.

My favorite tid bit for the conversation was him discussing we aren’t there to give camp to 90% of the kids but to 100% of the children 100% of the time. After listening to him speak and listening to the discussions that took place I’m thrilled to go to camp this year. I remember how much HBC made a difference in my life as a child and I can’t wait to go and serve and give back. This year I think could be one of the best years yet. It could be as you would say “magical” w/ our Harry Potter theme this year.

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