Hello world! The name is Phillip Adcock but many people refer to me as Phil. I’m happy that you have found my page and that hope you find what you are looking for. As of the time of this writing which is November of 2016 I am 24 years young. I work for an Answering Service in Bloomington, In. When I’m not working I enjoy spending times with my friends and Family. My mother is my best friend. Love you mom! Hobbies for me include things such as reading, writing, journaling, and tinkering with electronics. I often times spend time working to repair electronics for my family members. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Things close to my heart: Friends Family and Burn Camp!

Looking for a way to help out also check out Hoosier Burn camp at www.hoosierburncamp.org

Give Money, Give Time, Make a difference in the life of a child.

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My Approach

I like to approach life with a positive attitude.  I like to be the light that shines when others are down. My approach is simple be a friend to those who need a friend! I love people and love socializing.

My Story

I was burned at 18 months old by superheated hot chocolate. While the incident it self I was too young to remember but know was not pleasant. It turned into one of the biggest blessings in my life. Through organizations such as Hoosier Burn Camp and great driving forces such as Mark Koopman, Jeff and Karen Saturday, I’ve been able to experience things I never would have done otherwise.


New Expirement

So today as I was listening to Windows Weekly a TWIT.TV podcast. Paul from Thurrott.com discussed people not using the Edge browser built into windows. I’ve decided since I store my log in credentials in LastPass  I’m going to try using the Edge Browser.  Today is day 1 and so far its not to bad. …

Lover Lover

As many of you may know I’m planning a wedding. On April 21st I will stand in front of a crowd of friends and family and marry my lover Lyndzy RebaLee “Reba” Jones. Reba and I have known each other for many years always keep in touch off and on. Recently we decided to give …


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Phil Adcock


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