Old Friends Suck!

So today I was trying to make plans with a girl named Katrina. Someone I’ve been friends with since Middle school even though we don’t always talk a lot. She told me to stop by but then said I could only be there for an hour and wanted me to pick someone up as I went there and left. I told her I’d decline the offer and come visit another time. She got mad and started accusing me of only wanting her to get her into bed. I told her that wasn’t the case at all, that I could care less if we had sex and she went ballistic. Said all men want is sex and that I’m just like all men. That I only want her for her body and that I’m terrible because I won’t come see her tonight. Needless to say, we are no longer talking and she has blocked me on facebook. So old friends really suck sometimes!

Somethings Surprise you…

So since many of you know that I was with Reba and that didn’t work out. I started talking to an Old Flame, one in which we never really resolved our feelings for each other. Upon expressing our feelings we really we were both still mutually attracted to each other. She even left her children’s father to be happy. Well that only lasted about two days then he says… I’ll change. She goes back.


I told her if she went back I wouldn’t be able to take her back after that and now she refuses to talk to me. Out of curiosity I drove by their place today and car was back in his driveway. She was back in his arms and I’m all alone. Why does this surprise me. I don’t know. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I really want to be with her and I thought she wanted to be with me but now I’m back to square one and wondering was it all a lie? Lord please show me if its meant to be and if it’s not send the right one my way.

Break Ups

Sometimes for they can be for the better. Keep an eye on the blog and see what may be new in my life in the next few months.


Well the only thing I can really say is a benefit to edge over Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is edge is built in. Edge works like any other web browser however I don’t like that it keeps trying to revert all my searches to bing. I have set all the defaults to google. However if i type in the search bar it brings up bing search. Sorry Microsoft but that’s not what I want. If anyone knows a work around for this let me know.

New Expirement

So today as I was listening to Windows Weekly a TWIT.TV podcast. Paul from Thurrott.com discussed people not using the Edge browser built into windows. I’ve decided since I store my log in credentials in LastPass  I’m going to try using the Edge Browser.  Today is day 1 and so far its not to bad. It’s kinda like a blank slate. The bookmarks have not been imported which I purposefully skipped simply because most of my book marks are stored as logins in last pass.

I’m curious if I can last more then a week or if I will revert back to Chrome for Windows 10.

Facebook…Fun and also CREEPY!!!

Hello all of you fine readers. As many of you know I’m very interested in tech outside of my burn camp bubble. Well onto my foray. I had read an article on Flipboard that gave instructions on how to download all the data that Facebook has on you. It took facebook probably 30 mins to compile the request and inform me that the information was ready.  Thanks facebook. Anyways so I downloaded the information and download the data and have been extracting the information. Facebook has quite of bit of information on me and some of the things the “think” I’m interested in is quite funny. They believe I’m both a Republican and a Democrat. No facebook I’m on party, I believe in many of the pillars of that party and the other party is for many of the things I’m against, and against many of the things I’m for. So Facebook fix your algorithm and figure out “me”. Also Facebook all of the contacts I’ve ever had on my phone updated to your servers, that’s a little creepy.

Lover Lover

As many of you may know I’m planning a wedding. On April 21st I will stand in front of a crowd of friends and family and marry my lover Lyndzy RebaLee “Reba” Jones. Reba and I have known each other for many years always keep in touch off and on. Recently we decided to give us a go and fell in love. While we have our struggles at the end of the day we are both very much in love with each other.

The exciting step we will be making after getting married of building a home together. By home a mean an actual house. We will be building our own home on Jones 5 star Ranch. We will have our own home, running water, two bedroom and I will be able to incorporate my office there. I’m looking forward to the next steps and spending the rest of my life with Reba.

Staff Training Recap

So this year I attended the “Spring” staff training event for Hoosier Burn Camp. This was a slight bit different that I had remembered in years past. In past years I remember there more more activities and it being a bit more “camp” like. However this year it was different. It was a lot of talking and discussion. I actually like this approach as the speaker was very knowledgeable on the topic and also gave a lot of insight into how camps tend to operate. He not only told us how we could handle a difficult situation but would also further elaborate as to what he did in a similar situation. He spoke of a girl who caused drama at camp one year because she said she was a  cat.  He explained that she wasn’t a cat because she was in identity crisis, but rather that she was doing that because to her that made her feel safe and that at camp that is what she was looking for.  He talked of speaking with her and finding out what he could do to reach that child and make camp a great experience for her as well.

My favorite tid bit for the conversation was him discussing we aren’t there to give camp to 90% of the kids but to 100% of the children 100% of the time. After listening to him speak and listening to the discussions that took place I’m thrilled to go to camp this year. I remember how much HBC made a difference in my life as a child and I can’t wait to go and serve and give back. This year I think could be one of the best years yet. It could be as you would say “magical” w/ our Harry Potter theme this year.

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Hoosier Burn Camp! Right around the corner.

Hoosier Burn Camp time is here again. You know what that means. KIDS! Let get that donation money out and give to a great cause. Hoosier Burn Camp Staff training begins this weekend March 3-4, 2018. Ask how you can get involvled or visit the website at www.hoosierburncamp.org no gift is too big or too small. We accept donations of all sizes.

New Chapter in life

Well many of you know that this time last year I moved back home to the Lawrence County area from Indianapolis. In doing so I wasn’t for sure that I would ever find anyone again. In total honesty I had hoped I might rekindle an old flame. That didn’t happen. So I changed my prayer. Instead of praying that a specific person would work out I began to pray that God would send me the right girl into my life. I have long wished for someone who shared my religious beliefs and could grow with me in God. Speaking with my new love Reba I have realized that God has sent the one. We have the same religious views. We get along great. She has a little boy who is just under two years old and I have to say I love him like my own.

An ex of mine attempted to try and get me to give up on Reba by deleting me on Facebook then blocking me. She told her family that I deleted her. I didn’t do either. That being said I’m happy to move on building my life with Reba and seeing what God has in store for us.